Over 40 years of experience in yacht building

Van der Meijden Yacht Interiors has continued to develop over the past few years. Where one started with carpentry, we now offer the finest interiors for luxury yachts. With our experience, we have been a full-fledged player in yacht building for over 40 years.


High-quality interiors

Years of experience allow us to produce high-quality interiors. We have the expertise to match the high level of service we strive for


Knowledge & expertise

Our knowledge and craftsmanship stand for reliability and a typically Dutch thoroughness. Our employees are all professionals who derive satisfaction from bringing the most complicated projects to a perfect end result.


Professional approach

Our professional approach saves time for the client. The far-reaching specialisation, the sophisticated production of interiors: it makes Van der Meijden Yacht Interiors a fully-fledged partner who thinks along with you.

What we do

High-quality prefabricated interiors since 1981

Van der Meijden Yacht Interiors has been manufacturing high-quality prefabricated interiors for yachts since 1981. As a result, we have been a long-term partner for the major Dutch shipyards. We provide a three-tiered range of services; engineering, producing prefab interiors and assembling the interiors.

All of these activities are primarily realized by our own people who have a heart of wood. Additionally, we work with a flexible shell of contractors.